Important Things You Didn't Know About Paul Marciano

Whenever people hear the mention of Paul Marciano, what comes over their minds is the greatness and success. There are numerous achievements that were attained by him that makes people to applause him a lot and make his name known from generation to generation. What they don't realize about him is that these attainments did not come automatically in his life neither were that passed to him on a silver plate. It was actually through hard work and commitment that made him build himself a name. if you hear about his story he has of coming from grass to grace, you will truly be inspired. You are not only going to learn and get encouraged by knowing how you can make lemonade from lemons but you will as well be taught how you can follow the whims of your heart. If you want to learn more about this fashion icon, continue to read the following content of his biography.

Paul Marciano was born in a small Moroccan city by the name Debdou. He was born in a family of other four siblings and were brought up in Marseille.

He made his name a name and an impact on the society and the entire world but this didn't come that easily. Just like any other child in France, Paul also attended school. He did not manage to move on with his education for more than a year because he got an accident that left him in a wheelchair. The physicians didn't even think that he would be well again to walk.

It was fortunate for him because, after one and a half years, he miraculously walked again.  He was later unfortunately dis-allowed back to the classroom because of his continued absence. Paul did not give up just like that, he never allowed his circumstances to pull him down.

At the age of seventeen years, he began to work a club in the weekends and as jeans salesman in weekdays. At this time, he started to work together with his brother called Georges.

His brother was a designer of ties, Paul would sell them in Paris. They also designed women blouses. They later opened a store in Bandol.

They registered it as a company and called it MGA, this is an acronym of his siblings and this is Maurice, Georges, and Armand. Time moved on and there was a time they had many stores that manufactured dresses, jeans, and pants.

The brothers later moved on to America and opened stores and this was after finding themselves in a tax clash with the French authorities. They made a lot of money in America after renaming their company to GUESS. Read the Paul Marciano Biography here!

They formed alliances with another investor but this did not work for it later fell. After resolving their disputes in court, Paul became the CEO of the company.  Paul and Maurice also founded a non-profit organization and called it The Marciano Art Foundation with the purpose of backing up art.

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