Life And Achievements Of Paul Marciano

In the clothing industry, there are many trends. One such is the unisex which rocked sometime in the 90's. there are many companies that deal in them and one such company is called GUESS. The company has managed trends on fashions over the years for men and women mainly. It was started by the Marciano brothers. They were Maurice, Georges, Armand and Paul Marciano. Although the first three are the ones who were the original founders of the cloth line, the latter is the name that the company is most associated with. So who is this man of interest, who is Paul Marciano?

Paul Marciano was born in Morocco. They then moved to France where he was raised partially. Later they moved to Israel where their religion was originated. He came from a long ancestry of rabbis or the Jewish teachers of religion. The three brothers were his only siblings and they later had a sister called Jacqueline. HE was unable to pursue his education because he was involved in an accident when a car hit the motorcycle he was riding on. He was placed on a wheelchair and the doctors had said he was in a position not likely to recover. However, despite that, his limbs gained strength and he was able to walk again but the school rejected him because of the much time he had lost. Read the rest of the Paul Marciano Biography here!

He first worked at a jeans store as a sales man over the weekdays but over the weekends he went to a club where he worked as a coat checker alongside two of his brothers. Maurice worked at the bar while George worked at the front door. Here they learned to design ties which Paul sold. They then designed the blouses for women and they sold well. The three brothers without Paul however formed a clothing company and called GMA. The initials stood for the three names of the brothers that formed it. The name was however changed to GUESS to accommodate him later. He was so skilled in sales that the company's sales were entrusted to him. He was also the advertiser at the time too. He excelled in this and he and his brother Maurice later owned almost 70 percent of the company through the shares they had. He assumed the seat of the chief operating officer which he later resigned from when he was under investigation. He however had the privileges of being the main consultant about the operations. He is married and divorced and remarried. Both of the women are models and each has two kids her current wife however retired from modelling and works as an advocate for the protection of women and children rights.

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